2015 Eye Ball Gala Recap

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Followup on the Eye Ball Gala Hosted by the Lions Eye Institute

This past Saturday evening, Braille Works CFO and ADA Document Specialist had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Eye Ball Gala, for the Lions Eye Institute for Research and Transplant.  It was a delightful evening with an amazing purpose of raising money and awareness to save sight in children and adults across the globe.

The event was well attended by leaders in ocular research and transplant, local businesses, Lions Club Members, area dignitaries, politicians and partners in the blind and visually impaired community.  The two most important groups of people in attendance were the families of donors and the recipients from the donors.  Their stories were touching and uplifting, teaching the rest of us to be grateful for the gift of sight.

Several hand-prints with heart shapes on the palms

About the Lions Eye Institute

The Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research (LEITR) was founded as an eye bank.  The eye tissues were prepared for clinical transplants.  Today, the LEITR has expanded to be the world’s first and only eye bank and ocular research center.  Researchers can study diseased ocular tissue to have a greater understanding of what leads to blindness and ways they can correct or prevent blindness.  The Lions Eye Institute, in Tampa, has brought sight to over 67,000 people across the globe.  Plus, they have provided over 30,000 eyes for valuable research and understanding of eye-diseases.

The Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research is a nonprofit Foundation that was established with the belief that everyone deserves sight, across the globe.  The true mission of the LEITR is for everyone to appreciate the Gift of Sight; it is not something that everyone is afforded in life.

It is estimated that there are 285 million people who are blind or visually impaired in the world.  The Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research is working to understand the diseases and change the outcomes.  Braille Works is honored to be able to participate in activities with and for the LEITR.

Visit The Lions Eye Institution for Transplant and Research website for more information.

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