2015 White House Conference On Aging is Accessible to Everyone

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Image displaying the words 2015 White House Conference on Aging - July 13th.

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of Social Security, the 50th Anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid and The Older American Act.

This year is also the 6th White House Conference on Aging (held about every 10-years).  The 2015 White House Conference on Aging will be the indicator for the next decade in healthcare policies and regulations.

The main focus of the conference will be: Retirement Security, Healthy Aging, Long-Term Services and Supports, and Elder Justice.  Advances in medicine and preventative measures have Americans living longer and healthier lives.  This conference will focus on the opportunities for aging Americans rather than the limitations.

You can take part in The 2015 White House Conference On Aging, on July 13th 10:00am-5:00pm, by watching it live.  Now, is your time and nothing should prohibit you from living life to its fullest.  Be active in policy making, be vocal for your needs and do not let the natural aging progression stop you from enjoying life.

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in persons ages 20-74.  An estimated 12,000 to 24,000 people lose their sight each year because of diabetes.  The National Health Institute cites macular degeneration as the leading cause for blindness in adults 65 and over.  Currently, 1.75 million people in the U.S. have vision loss with macular degeneration.  By 2020 the number of persons with vision deficits is expected to reach 3 million.

Image showing a husband and wife sitting at their kitchen table reading Braille and large print documents.

Seventy-six million Americans were born between 1946-1964, this is known as the Baby-boomer generation.  Baby-boomers are ready to live life, regardless of the hurdles.  In a generation of advancements in technology, civil rights and self-advocacy, your future is accessible, able and waiting.  All you have to do is ask for the accessible solution that fits your lifestyle.  From banking to medical documents, Braille Works is the leader in ADA compliant and secured alternative print documents.

Don’t lose a client because of your limitation to meet federal ADA requirements.  Be proactive in your business solutions and be prepared to meet the needs of the largest population of adults.

To learn more about Braille Works and how we can help your business meet the rapidly changing needs of your clients please contact us at 1-800-258-7544 or info@brailleworks.com.

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