Honored to Sponsor the 2016 Braille Challenge and Odyssey of Mind

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Braille Works is excited to be sponsoring: The 2016 Braille Challenge of West Florida and Odyssey of the Mind

Braille Works is excited to be sponsoring: The 2016 Braille Challenge of West Florida and Odyssey of the Mind, in the Tampa Bay region. Both programs are designed for students to highlight their talents, build strong leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Neither program is connected, but the concepts of each are parallel. Braille Works has made an ongoing commitment to both of these programs because of the lifelong benefits they offer for students.

Odyssey of the Mind team members wearing costumes, hats, and acting silly for a photograph.

What is the Braille Challenge?

2016 Florida Braille Challenge LogoBraille Challenge is a national program of the Braille Institute®. Braille Challenge rewards students for their skills in Braille literacy. Competitions are held throughout the United States and the top performing students will be invited to the Braille Institute in Los Angeles to compete in a National Braille Literacy Final Competition.

Braille Challenge encourages students to read, write and comprehend Braille. Braille literacy for students who are blind or visually impaired is as important as literacy for their peers who have no visual impairments. Braille Challenge provides students who have low vision or are blind with a competitive program and a fun event. Braille Challenge focuses on the need for Braille literacy and the need for students to have fun in a competitive setting.

What is Odyssey of the Mind?

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving competition that is both national and worldwide. Students are provided a long-term problem to solve as a team of seven minds (no outside assistance can be provided). Students are also given a spontaneous problem that is to be solved on the spot at a competition.

Odyssey of the Mind team members gathered around outside, some are earing hats and parts of their costumes.

Odyssey of the Mind allows students to explore problem solving in a hands-on applicable manner. Teams will select one of five long-term problems to solve in a specific category. The categories are: Vehicle, Technical, The Classics, Balsa Wood Structure, and Drama. All teams are expected to create a performance/play, make costumes, design backdrops and set pieces and have a technical component(s).   The teams will attend a regional competition and the top teams will advance to the state/providence level and to the World Level.

How Do These Help Students?

Both of these programs are dedicated to advancing students beyond the traditional classroom setting. These programs are ran by volunteers and are dependent on support from individuals and the business community. Braille Works is committed to giving back by contributing to programs that benefit the youth of America. Our employees are also dedicated to volunteering to assist with making both of these programs possible for students.

Odyssey of the Mind team members sitting at a table with their arms around one another.


More Information:

For more information about both of these programs and ways you can help or participate please visit these websites.

Florida Braille Challenge

Braille Challenge Homepage

Buccaneer Bay Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind

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