4 Fabulous Summer Camp Programs for Kids with Blindness

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Sharing Summer Camp Resources for 2016

With the close of the school year parents are shifting focus from academic enrichment to summertime fun.  Finding the right summer camp, program and/or summer activities can be a difficult task for any parent.  Here are some tips and resources for a few fabulous summer camp programs.

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First, know that your child is permitted to attend ANY camp that is open to a child who has sight.  However, we understand that sometimes there are concerns related to leaving your child with a unique need such as a visual impairment at a camp with people who might not be trained in working with children like your child.  Our advice is to call and ask the program director what accommodations can be made for your child to be successful in enjoying the program.  You might be surprised by the answer you receive.  We are finding more programs are willingly becoming accommodating.

If you prefer that your child attend a program that is specifically designed for a child with a disability here are some resources that might help.  We found a webpage through Perkin’s School for the Blind that offers some great resources for summer programs and beyond.  We suggest bookmarking this page for future reference for many areas of need.

The Lions Club has also dedicated their program to assisting persons with visual impairments and there are many sponsored summer programs across the country.

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TOPSoccer is another national program that is hosted by area soccer clubs dedicated to working with children who have disabilities.  This program has Buddy players/peers who will work with your child and often friendships are formed.  The program runs all year.

The American Federation for the Blind also provides a comprehensive list of camps and camp resources by state.

Whichever summer program you choose know that a child who is blind is still a child and will enjoy all of the things a sighted child enjoys.  The only difference is they experience things in a unique way.

Braille Works wishes you all a safe, active and fun summer.

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