Accessibility and Disability Resources for Every College Participating in the 2013 NCAA Tournament

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March Madness is upon us; let the most exciting sports tournament of the year begin!

If you can’t already tell, I’m a big basketball fan and late March is my favorite time of year on the sports calendar. The NCAA Tournament always keeps me sitting on the edge of my seat & never fails to live up to its’ nickname. With so much parity around the league this year and no really dominate teams; I anticipate there will be plenty of madness in 2013.

Image showing a map of the United States with team logos representing the location of each collage participating in the 2013 NCAA Final Four.

In the spirit of this tremendously entertaining event; I decided it would be cool to create this resource page for disabled students who are considering any of the schools that made it to the tournament this year. Every college listed below collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to education and university life.

Schools are presented in the order of their NCAA Tournament seed (numerical ranking) and the links will take you directly to university websites. No matter which college you choose to attend; my hope for each one of you is that you’ll enjoy living independently & experience total success!

If you’re one of those people like me who enjoy picking winners; feel free to leave your Final Four and/or National Championship picks in the comments section below. Call me a “homer” because I got the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Florida Gators in the final with Ohio State taking the crown this time (I was raised in Ohio and now reside in Florida). These two teams met for the championship back in 2007 with the Gators winning 84-75.

NCAA Tournament Schools – Accessibility/Disability Programs

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