Denise Sardina, Director of Operations

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Denise Sardina joined the Braille Works team in 2006. She serves Braille Works in the role of Director of Operations by providing oversight to the project managers and directing activities so that approved products are manufactured on schedule and within quality standards. Denise is one of the senior managers, assisting the company in the development and formulation of long and short-range planning, policies, programs and objectives.

Prior to Braille Works, Denise worked in retail operations in the New England area and Southeast Florida for more than 18 years. Gaining experience in store management, human resources, training and merchandising, she rose to Training and Development Manager for a custom picture framing retail chain before relocating to Florida where she was heavily involved with new store opening initiatives for big box concepts such as JoAnn Etc. and Babies R Us.

Denise brought her commitment to providing excellent customer service to Braille Works in October of 2006. She was quickly promoted to sales estimating, operations manager and currently Director of Operations in 2014. She has been an integral part of the growth that Braille Works has experienced.

Denise hails from Buffalo, New York and has two children, a cat and a huge black lab that are all part of her family. She has a passion for fitness and nutrition, rollerblading, and anything near or on the ocean. She studied at Northeastern University for athletic training before entering into her retail management career.


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