Braille Works and Easterseals: A Natural Fit

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Braille Works Founders, Lou, and Joyce Fioritto, and CEO, Robert Sket, have each made business and personal commitments to the Easterseals of Southwest Florida. They see the value that Easterseals provides for people with disabilities and their families.  

Tom Waters, the CEO at Easterseals of Southwest Florida, first visited Braille Works two years ago.  The visit came after a group of Odyssey of the Mind students, funded by Braille Works, crafted a solution for people with disabilities to paint in comfortable positions while in their wheelchairs.

Since 2014, Braille Works’ CEO, Robert Sket, and his wife, Christine, have worked for a partnership with Easterseals.  About a month ago George Pfeiffer, the President of Marketing and Development at Easterseals of Southwest Florida, came out the meet with Lou, Robert and some other key staff members. They met to explore ways for Braille Works and Easterseals to collaborate and came up with a few great ideas.

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What Does Easterseals Do?   

Easterseals provides education, job skills, job training, support services, caregiver training, and specialized services to all ages and across all levels of abilities. They also provide education to the community regarding people who live with a disability.  

Southwest Easterseals has a flourishing Art Program where the artists are able to sell and get paid for their artwork.  Southwest Easterseals also has created an Organic Farm Program where people with disabilities can shine and earn money.  Through these programs, Easterseals is reaching above and beyond the ordinary. You have to visit Easterseals to understand the impact they are having in the disability community.  When you step through the doors you can see why the building is named the Happiness House. There is true joy at Easterseals.

Beyond Impressive

Braille Works’ CEO commends the leadership at Easterseals. “I met Tom Waters about five years ago when he took over the leadership role at Easterseals.  His passion for bringing more services to more people in the southwest Florida communities was clear.  In fewer than five years he has made impressive changes at Easterseals that will be long reaching.”

We look forward to our future collaboration and, hopefully, longtime partnership with Easterseals.

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This post was written by Christine Sket

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