The Wait Might be Over for the 508 Refresh, Information and Communication Technology

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Is the Wait Over for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines – Better Known as the 508 Refresh?

We, at Braille Works, have been keeping an eye on the U.S. Access Board, and bringing our clients up-to-date information regarding the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines, better know as the 508 Refresh.

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It was looking like a “final” ruling might be light-years away.  However, on January 5, 2017 the U.S. Access Board announced that on January 10, 2017, they will be holding a public briefing on three final rules.  One of the rules is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and Guideline, 508 Refresh.  The rule has not been published to the public for review, as of yet.  Braille Works will keep you updated on the “refresh” and we will share the rule as soon as it is presented.

There is an opportunity for you to attend the meeting on January 10, 2017, in Washington DC, or you can listen to the briefing, live, with streaming CART.

For additional information on the U.S. Access Board Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 508 Refresh background please read our article from March 2015.

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The Information Below is from the U.S. Access Board

Please join the U.S. Access Board members and staff for a public briefing on three recent final rules:

  1. Updated ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buses and Vans (published December 14)
  2. Accessibility Standards for Medical Diagnostic Equipment (to be published January 9)
  3. Information and Communication Technology Standards and Guidelines (to be published soon)

The briefing will be held on Tuesday, January 10 from 9:30 to Noon (ET) in the Access Board’s Conference Room, 1331 F Street NW., Suite 800, Washington, DC 20004. For the comfort of all participants and to promote a fragrance-free environment, attendees are requested not to use perfume, cologne, or other fragrances.

The briefing will be in person and available over the phone with streaming CART. There will be a question and answer session for each rule-making. All lines will be muted until each question and answer session.

  • U.S. Callers: 888-396-7314
  • International Callers: 773-756-0935
  • Pass Code: 209 2216

Please share this information with others with an interest in these rules. Don’t leave your compliance issues to chance, Section 508 can be like the Wild West.

Wild west of Section 508 displayed over a wild west background scene.

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