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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Should Include Everyone, Not Only Sighted Individuals

Happy MLK Day everyone! My hope is that each one of us will take a few moments out of our day today to remember and celebrate the life and legacy of this amazing man, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. I know I will!

Image of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC

There are a ton of resources available for people who want to learn more about MLK and the tremendous positive impact he’s had on our American culture. The question is however, is any of it available in alternative formats like braille or audio for people who are blind?

You’ll be happy to know it is! Titles are definitely less numerous than what’s available in regular print but there are a few great braille and audio books on MLK. Transcribers have created the following books over the years so people who are blind can enjoy learning more about this historically influential leader.

Perkins School for the Blind has recorded cassette and Braille copies of numerous books about the clergyman, activist and prominent leader in the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. All are available from the Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children offers a contracted Braille version of Martin Luther King, Jr. – Man of Peace by Lillie Patterson for only $9!

The BrailleBookStore features two works on MLK that are available for purchase in both Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille.

  • Martin Luther King – by Rosemary L. Bray. A captivating introduction to the life of MLK in Braille format for readers who are blind.
  • I Have a Dream – by Martin Luther King, Jr. On August 28, 1963, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his most memorable and inspiring speech. Get a copy in Grade 1 or Grade 2 Braille for only $8! A combined Text/Braille version is also available for $14.

Image showing a graphical rendition of Martin Luther King Jr. with the words "Let Freedom Ring" displayed

I hope you’ll find these resources useful in your efforts to learn more about this spectacular civil rights leader. Enjoy your day off as too!

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