New Olive Garden Braille Menus in Stores Now

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Did You Know There’s Braille in the Olive Garden?

Latest Olive Garden Menus Now Available in Braille and Large Print Versions

If you’re someone who is blind or visually impaired, you’ve got to “Go Olive Garden”! Their latest menu is available in braille and large format print upon request and includes all their “gustoso” new entrees. That’s Italian for “tasty”.

Image showing the front entrance of a Olive Garden restaurant

Braille Works has produced alternative format menus for Olive Garden & their parent company Darden Restaurants since August of 2000 and we’re proud to announce the Fall-2012 versions are in stores now all across America.

And that’s not all…… Olive Garden is in the midst of a complete re-branding faze; you may have noticed this from their latest online and TV advertising campaigns. After 14 years, they are updating their famous slogan “When you’re here, you’re family” with a new tag line released on Oct 7th. The new line; “Go Olive Garden”, reflects the trend toward serving the “on-the-go” family.

In an effort to gain more appeal among the so-called “modern family”, Olive Garden is changing things up and creating a more modern atmosphere. They feel the changes will help pique the interest of more young people and get those “go-go-go” families to stop into their restaurants more often.

Image showing the new Olive Garden logo

Up until now Olive Garden has always focused on creating the stereotypical traditional Italian family-dinner experience. However, they noticed guests were lagging and sales were dropping during the past two years. So it’s obvious to see why a change was necessary.

No longer do they want to be thought of as a place you go solely for large family dinners. Olive Garden wants for diners to come in any time for a bite to eat.

With all these new changes going on, I know I want to “Go Olive Garden” again! How about the rest of you? If you haven’t visited recently give them another chance and see what’s new, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Image showing a Olive Garden braille and large print menu

Olive Garden would love to hear your feedback as well; you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Don’t forget to request the latest edition of their braille menu at the host stand. It’ll give you the independent dining experience you enjoy & deserve so much; Salute!

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