From Pokémon Go to the Business World, Small Accessibility Adjustments Could Make a Huge Difference

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Sometimes it only takes small changes for everyone to be included.

Smartphone showing screenshot of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the newest mobile app craze among kids, teens, young adults and seemingly all age ranges. The App has you physically going to Pokéstops, and throwing Pokéballs to catch little virtual creatures. Recently, I, read an article highlighting that with a few tweaks to the app people who are visually impaired could enjoy playing the game independently. This got me to think about how many small adjustments could be made in many areas of business and government to make the world more independent for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Dining Out

Think about dining out; most of us are greeted, shown our table and given a menu to make our selections. Stop here, if someone is blind or visually impaired how will they make their selection, independently? With the simple addition of a couple of Braille and large print menus the person can look over the menu in the same manner as other guests. This is a small change that can make a world of difference in a guest’s dining experience.

Pokémon Go user screenshot


What about banking statements and financial documents? With a few changes customers who are blind or visually impaired can independently manage their finances. Most people with a visual impairment or blindness can manage their own finances; they just need to be able to receive the information in a format that is accessible to their needs. Braille and large print statements might be what the customer needs. However, some customers might require an audio statement or in the digital age they might want to view their statement online. The online method is delivered in an accessible PDF format. This format is often referred to as 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Paying the Bills

Bill paying, customers who are blind or visually impaired can pay bills; they can pay them independently with a few minor adjustments and alternatives to printed statements. Braille, large print, audio and accessible PDF documents are the key to providing your customers the independence they deserve and that is afforded to them by federal laws and the constitution.


Healthcare documents and medical records are vital for patients to self-advocate and to independently have control over one’s medical management. Providing medical records, medical management materials and medical instructions in an alternative format to print provides people with blindness or a visual impairment the ability to manage their Independent Area of Daily Living known as IADL.

Pokemon ball sketch


All of the above areas are what most of us can manage independently. In the insurance arena being able to manage these tasks independently is known as Independent Areas of Daily Living (IADL). Imagine the independence that would be gained if all businesses made a few slight changes to their practices and how data and information is provided to customers who are blind or have low vision. And, part of the IADLs is leisure and Pokémon Go is definitely a leisure activity that all ages are exploring and interacting.

We Can Help

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American Foundation for the Blind: Pokémon Go: Let’s Catch ’em All!

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