Braille Works Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Delivery Day Update

We wrapped up the Thanksgiving Food Drive last Friday and delivered 439 pounds of food items to the Emergency Care Help Organization of Brandon this morning. We feel very blessed and proud to be able to help those in need this Thanksgiving season. Here’s a photo of Kasey and Tahzi just before we loading up the van to deliver the items to ECHO.

Two Braille Works employees standing behind a table covered in food donation items
The Emergency Care Help Organization logo

We have partnered with the Emergency Care Help Organization of Brandon once again this year to bring needed food items to families residing in Eastern Hillsborough County during the Thanksgiving season.

From November 2nd to 20th we will be conducting a food and fund drive to collect items that we will deliver to ECHO so that more than 800 families in need can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

ECHO got its’ start back in 1987 and began serving the needs of individuals, children and families in and around Brandon, FL. Today they serve roughly 16,000 people locally and almost half are children. ECHO is dedicated to providing temporary assistance to families in need with the goal of helping them toward self-sufficiency. We believe in supporting their mission and have set a company goal to collect enough food, supplies and monetary donations to assist at least 500 families in the local area.

Braille Works Thanksgiving food drive flyer

You can show love this holiday season by collecting for or giving to a food bank or similar organization in your area. Many communities participate in various events and drives that benefit local food banks. These days a lot of local grocery stores get involved as well by having needed items at the register for you to purchase and donate.

A quick Google search of “thanksgiving food drives near me” can help you find events in your area so you can get involved and help make it a happier holiday for families in need.

Members of the Braille Works management team holding a Braille Works banner behind an sports utility vehicle.

About ECHO of Brandon

The Emergency Care Help Organization (Brandon, FL) provides immediate relief in the forms of food, clothing and household items to those residents of the greater Brandon area that have experienced a recent emergency. Since its inception in 1987, ECHO FL has assisted over 170,000 individuals, over half of whom were children, with basic life necessities.

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