The Braille Works Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Thanksgiving spurs charitable events, food drives, and “turkey trots.” So, while yes, Thanksgiving will look different this year, that also means there is a great opportunity to do good. And we’re doing it!

Every year, we ask employees to donate what they can—things like boxed mac and cheese, gravy, and cans of vegetables, and we pick a local charity. This year we chose the non-profit Hope For Her. Braille Works employees and their families give graciously every year, and we feel very blessed to help those in need.

Two Braille Works employees next to all of the Hope for Her donation boxes

Why We Give

Our Financial Team prepares the fliers, donation boxes and hand delivers the donations. Therefore, we asked them why the annual drive was important.

Kasey, the Financial Administrative Coordinator, said, “I grew up as one of the recipients of these types of things. When I was a child, we were underprivileged for many years, and all of our clothes, food, and toys came from churches or donations. Growing up that way makes you value when you can do this sort of thing for others. I’ve made it a point not to forget how nice it felt to be on the receiving end of those things.

There were times that if we didn’t have somebody donate a box of mac and cheese- even though it sounds like “eh, it’s just a box of mac and cheese” – we wouldn’t have mac and cheese. That means a lot to a kid who’s hungry. It meant a lot to my mom too, who was working so hard to provide for a whole bunch of kids. I try to keep that in mind and always remember that no matter how tough my day is, there is still someone struggling more than I am. It makes me feel good to be able to serve and give back a little bit from what I received as a child.”

About Hope For Her

Hope for Her is a safe place for women experiencing crisis and trauma. Hope for Her helps identify needs and addresses housing, childcare, employment, food, transportation, and clothing. Braille Works believes in supporting their mission and set a company goal to collect food and monetary donations to assist some of the 45,000 families they have served in the local area.

Your Community

Giving back is an amazing way to show your thankfulness this Thanksgiving! Similarly, you can show up for your community by supporting essential workers, donating a meal to firefighters or medical staff, or calling an older person who may be isolated or lonely. To search for your local food bank, check out Feeding America.

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