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A Few Vision Related Charities Well Worth Donating To

Did you know that 75% of all visually impaired people worldwide could have their conditions corrected, and live a more comfortable and meaningful life as a result? That means 75% of all impairments are unnecessary. If you are in the giving spirit, there are many vision related charities you could donate to. Over one billion people on the planet need eyewear and do not have them, either because of financial restraints or poor access to an optometrist. Below are some charities you might consider donating to, every little bit helps lower the number of unnecessarily visually- impaired people worldwide.

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  • Optometry Giving Sight is a charity that sends optometrists to underdeveloped countries, gives people eye exams and eyewear so they can get jobs and improve the quality of their lives. With the right eyewear, a child in a country without steady eye care could go from being technically blind, to having a chance at an education.
  • Lions Club International collects, cleans, repairs and then sends reused and refurbished eyewear to needy people who could not otherwise afford eyewear. Donations centers exist internationally as well as online.
  • VisionSpring is designed to help reading glasses be more accessible in developing countries by training locals in basic optometry skills so they can assess their local needs and sell eyewear at a low cost in their community.
  • Orbis International runs the Flying Eye Hospital, where doctors donate their time and fly to underprivileged areas to give proper eye exams and care to needy people worldwide.
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation believes that indigenous Australians deserve the same health care and life expectancy as other Australians, and they run a vision program helping the needlessly blind of the outback.
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