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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the legal jargon surrounding accessible PDFs? You’re not alone! Many organizations struggle to understand what it means to create documents everyone can access. But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process, step by step.

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What is PDF Accessibility, Anyway?

First things first, let’s demystify the concept of accessible PDFs. Accessibility means making your digital documents user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. It’s not just a good practice; it’s the law! Between the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 requirements, organizations must provide accessible content to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Why is Accessibility Important for Your Organization?

  1. Legal Compliance: ADA and 508 compliance is non-negotiable. Failure to provide accessible documents can lead to costly legal repercussions. But it’s not just about avoiding fines; it’s about inclusivity and doing what’s right.
  2. Expanded Audience: Accessible documents open the door to a wider audience. You’re not just complying with the law; you’re also tapping into a diverse customer base.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating commitment to inclusivity can boost your organization’s reputation and credibility.

How Can We Help You?

Introducing Braille Works, your trusted partner in making PDFs accessible and WCAG compliant. We’re here to simplify the process for you. Our comprehensive services include:

  • PDF Accessibility Remediation: We transform your existing PDFs into fully accessible documents. No need to start from scratch!
  • Alternative Formats for Accessibility: We provide multiple formats, including braille and large print, to ensure everyone can access your content.
  • WCAG Compliance: We’ll make sure your documents meet the stringent WCAG standards, which are essential for federal agencies and contractors.
  • Human Touch: Accessible PDFs require it, and you can’t achieve true accessibility without it. We check the accessibility criteria automation misses.

Take Action Now!

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  2. Request a Free Accessibility AssessmentLet’s evaluate your current documents to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Learn MoreCurious about the specifics of document remediation and web accessibility for PDFs? Visit our blog for valuable insights and resources.

Don’t let the complexities of accessibility hold you back. Join the ranks of organizations making a positive impact and ensuring everyone can access their digital content. Let us help you create a more inclusive and legally compliant environment.