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The Braille Works management team is a blend of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts.  We’re “Making the World a More Readable Place™” by partnering with businesses and organizations serving the blind and visually impaired community.  Take a moment to learn more about our dedicated team by following the links below.

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Braille Works Founders

Image of Joyce Fioritto, Braille Works President & Founder


Joyce Fioritto, President & Founder

Joyce Fioritto is the President and Co-Owner of Braille Works. Joyce and her husband, Lou Fioritto, founded Braille Works in 1994 and bring over 25 years of combined executive management and administrative experience. Joyce oversees all aspects of the company and is an integral part of every high level decision and meeting. She’s also heavily involved in accounting; ensuring all accounts are kept up to date. [read more]

Image of Lou Fioritto, Braille Works Vice President & Founder


 Lou Fioritto, Vice President & Founder

Lou Fioritto is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Braille Works. Lou and his wife, Joyce Fioritto, founded Braille Works in 1994. As co-owner, he oversees all areas of the company including high level decisions made with the leadership team. Lou brings first-hand experience to Braille Works’ accessible reading materials. He has a unique perspective into the needs of the visually impaired community. It’s this first-hand knowledge that allows us to help your business reach new customers with accessible documents. [read more]

Braille Works Management

Robert Sket, Chief Executive OfficerImage of Robert Sket, Braille Works CEO

Robert Sket is Braille Works’ Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Robert leads a group of more than 150 highly dedicated and experienced team members in providing documents solutions for blind and visually impaired document end-users. In addition to overseeing all financial operations of Braille Works, including financial reporting, planning and analysis, accounting services and risk management, Robert and the senior team managers are responsible for the oversight of all company’s operations. [read more]

Glen Schubert, Vice President of Marketing & Client RelationsImage of Glen Schubert, Braille Works VP Marketing & Client Relations

Glen Schubert is Braille Works’ Executive Vice President of Marketing & Client Relations. He came to Braille Works as a consultant in 2011 and officially joined the team in January of 2014. Glen’s background in client development and marketing goes back more than 25 years while serving at the executive level in companies ranging from small regional firms to international Fortune 500 companies. [read more]

CJ Martin, Information Technology ManagerImage of C J Martin, Braille Works Information Technology Manager

CJ Martin is Braille Works’ Information Technology Manager. CJ worked with Braille Works as an outside consultant for many years and due to his uncanny knack for all things techie and mechanical he officially came on-board full-time in 2013. [read more]

Image of Tanya Weaver, Braille Works Human Resources ManagerTanya Weaver, Human Resources Manager

Tanya, the Human Resources Manager, has 20 years’ experience in all aspects of human resources; including staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, employment policies and compliance. She has a passion for training and development, compliance and promoting employee morale. Tanya has a strong commitment to working in a collaborative, transparent manner, which allows her to build lasting professional and personal relationships. She enjoys strengthening the link between people and strategy, as well as managing, motivating and retaining talent. [read more]

Andrea Konsulis, Government Project ManagerImage of Andrea Konsulis, Braille Works Government Project Manager

Andrea Konsulis is a Project Manager here at Braille Works. Andrea came to Braille works in March 2010. She started as a document scanner in our financial department when her leadership abilities were quickly recognized. In October 2010 she was promoted to Large Print Team Leader. More recently, Andrea’s marvelous performance prompted another promotion to Assistant Project Manager in March 2016 and in February 2017 Andrea was promoted to Project Manager. [read more]

David Valencia-Ebel, Financial Project ManagerImage of David Valencia-Ebel, Braille Works Financial Project Manager

David Valencia-Ebel has been part of the Braille Works team since 2013. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. Shortly after graduating, David was recruited by the Olsten Corporation to manage the operations for their Latin American Division out of their New York Headquarters. [read more]

Image of Christopher Castiglioni, Braille Works Financial Project ManagerChristopher Castiglioni, Financial Project Manager

Christopher Castiglioni is the Project Manager of the Financial Department. He oversees daily production and manages the successful delivery of products and services required by each client. [read more]

Image of Larry Layton, Braille Works Software Development Project ManagerLarry Layton, Software Development Project Manager

Larry Layton came to Braille Works in November 2013. He began as an Intern and the 2nd member of the Software Development Team. His willingness to lead Software projects and to create internal Development procedures was quickly noticed. After graduating from Hodges University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management, Larry was promoted to Software Development Manager. [read more]

Image of Donald Garcia, Braille Works Document Automation Project ManagerDonald Garcia, Document Automation Project Manager

As the Document Automation Project Manager, Donald focuses on technologies that automate the remediation of documents. He places precedence on collaboration with other Braille Works teams to create systems that automate the entire remediation process as well as ad hoc tools that automate specific tasks. [read more]

Courtney Collins, Digital Accessibility & Compliance Project Manager

Courtney Collins joined Braille Works in 2015 and worked her way from Team Member to Subject Matter Expert. She’s now our Document Accessibility Project Manager and loves working here. Between providing independence for people with disabilities and planning team-building celebrations & events, Courtney embraces the “work hard, play hard” mentality. [read more]

Sarah Litchfield, Sales & Customer RelationsImage of Sarah Litchfield, Braille Works Sales & Customer Relations

Sarah Litchfield supports Sales and Customer Relation Operations at Braille Works. Sarah joined Braille Works in 2012 and brought over 19 years of experience in the printing industry and advanced training in sales and marketing. [read more]

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