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The Braille Works management team is a blend of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts.  We’re “Making the World a More Readable Place™” by partnering with businesses and organizations serving the blind and visually impaired community.  Take a moment to learn more about our dedicated team by following the links below.

Braille Works Founders

Image showing Joyce and Lou Fioritto, Braille Works Founders and OwnersJoyce Fioritto, President & Founder
Lou Fioritto, Vice President & Founder

Joyce and Lou Fioritto founded Braille Works in 1994 with a strong Christian foundation; and over 25 years of combined executive management and administrative experience.  Blind since birth, Lou brings first hand experience to Braille Works’ accessible reading materials.  He has a unique perspective into the needs of the visually impaired community.  It’s this first hand knowledge that allows us to help your business reach new customers with accessible documents.
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Management & Team Leaders

Image of Robert Sket, Braille Works CFORobert Sket, CFO

Robert Sket is Braille Works’ Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Robert oversees all financial operations of the firm, including financial reporting, planning and analysis, accounting services and risk management. Robert is a results-driven seasoned executive with over 15 years of dedicated leadership and development in various industries. [read more]

t-IMG_7425Denise Prophet, Operations Manager

Denise Prophet is Braille Works’ Operations Manager. Denise joined the Braille Works team in 2006 and was quickly promoted to Business Development Manager. Shortly after that she was promoted once again to the position of Operations Manager. Denise has been an integral part of the growth that Braille Works has experienced in recent years. [read more]

Shannon Allen, Project Manager

Shannon Allen is one of Braille Works’ Project Managers. Shannon started with Braille Works in February 2010 and quickly worked her way up the ladder. Beginning in the Financial Department, Shannon’s outstanding work ethic and dedication led to promotions to Team Leader of the Audio Department, Assistant Project Manager, and then onto her current position as Project Manager in May 2012. [read more]

t-IMG_7464David Valencia-Ebel, Project Manager

David Valencia-Ebel is a Project Manager here at Braille Works. David came to Braille Works in 2013 and his enthusiasm and sense of humor has been a welcomed addition to the company. He has implemented many new programs to enhance and streamline project production since his arrival. David is fluent in Spanish and English and also knows some Italian, Portuguese and French. [read more]

t-IMG_7420Andrea Konsulis, Project Manager

Andrea Konsulis is the Assistant Project Manager here at Braille Works. Andrea came to Braille Works in March 2010. She started as a document scanner in our financial department. Her leadership abilities were quickly recognized. In October 2010 she was promoted to Large Print Team Leader and more recently became the Assistant Project Manager in March, 2016. [read more]

t-IMG_7502Glen Schubert, VP Marketing

Glen Schubert is Braille Works’ Executive Vice President of Marketing and Client Relations. He came to Braille Works as a consultant in 2011 and officially joined the team in January of 2014. Glen’s background in client development and marketing goes back more than 25 years while serving at the executive level in companies ranging from small regional firms to international Fortune 500 companies. [read more]

t-IMG_7431Sarah Litchfield, Sales & Customer Relations

Sarah Litchfield supports Sales and Customer Relation operations at Braille Works. Sarah started with Braille Works in 2012 and brought over 19 years of experience in the printing industry and advanced training in sales and marketing. She works closely with customers to provide guidance and offer her problem-solving expertise. [read more]

t-IMG_7460CJ Martin, Information Technology Manager

CJ Martin is Braille Works’ Information Technology Manager. CJ worked with Braille Works as an outside consultant for many years and due to his uncanny knack for all things techie and mechanical he officially came on-board full-time in 2013. [read more]

t-IMG_7417Jeff Frcho, Digital Marketing Manager

Jeff Frcho is Braille Works’ Digital Marketing Manager. Jeff joined the Braille Works team in April 2008 and brings high standards with him to the office each day to reach his peak potential and optimize the online experience for Braille Works customers. [read more]

t-IMG_7442Sonja Forbes, 508 Compliance Program Manager

Sonja Forbes is the 508 Compliance Program Manager here at Braille Works. Sonja joined Braille Works in 2013. She currently fulfills the role of a subject matter expert for accessibility while focusing on Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). [read more]

Melissa Martinez, Audio Department Team Leader

Melissa Martinez is the Team Leader for Braille Works’ Audio Department. Melissa came to Braille Works in October 2012. She started as a bilingual audio reader. Her positive attitude and achievements made her a stand-out among the bilingual team and brought about many promotions. [read more]

Jessica Sanders, Corporate Production Team Leader

Jessica Sanders is the Corporate Production Team Leader here at Braille Works. Jessica came to Braille Works in April of 2013. She started as part of the Corporate Production team when there were only two people in the department. In just over 2 years’ time, Jessica has watched the department grow to nearly 20 people. [read more]

t-IMG_7482Kerri Comellas, Administrative Coordinator

Kerri Comellas is the Administrative Coordinator here at Braille Works. Kerri started with Braille Works in March 2010. Her talents and strong leadership qualities were recognized immediately and after only 3 weeks Kerri was promoted to Team Leader of the Braille Department. In March 2016 Kerri was promoted once again to Administrative Coordinator. [read more]

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