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Dedicated to Making the World a More Readable Place

Braille Works is one of the nation’s leading providers of reading materials for people who are blind, visually impaired, or reading impaired. Making The World A More Readable Place™ has been our mission from day one. We are creative and innovative because our customers expect it.

Your projects are given careful consideration to make every page easy to read and handle.  This gives your blind and visually impaired customers the respect and independence they rightly deserve.  At Braille Works, attention to detail drives everything we do.  From the layout of your braille document to the format of a large print document, the scripting of an audio document, or the full compliance and accessibility of your PDF, we seek to exceed the expectations of your customers.

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Braille Works consists of top-notch technology and people with Christ-centered standards. We are cost-effective, women-owned, have ISO 27002 compliant security and consistent growth since 1994. Let us help your company advance independence and promote opportunities for your customers with visual and reading impairments in a caring, timely, and secure manner.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Quality, Timeliness & Confidentiality

We have over 30 high-speed braille embossers, more than 25 high-volume copier/printers, and three company-owned buildings on campus, making us one of the largest and best-equipped alternative format providers in the industry.

  • Superior alternative format transcriptions
  • Strict quality control measures in place to ensure satisfaction
  • Delivering materials at your convenience, promptly, according to your timeline
  • Protecting you and your customers’ privacy and confidentiality

We create and produce your materials in-house, unlike some of our competitors who outsource or hire third-party vendors.  This helps assure your projects are delivered:  Accurate.  On Time.  Every Time.

We understand the importance of security and compliance in today’s world and go to great measures to earn your trust.  Our security is based on ISO 27002 and COBIT Standards as well as SOC II Compliance.  We also understand the need to properly secure sensitive information including HIPAA, PHI and PII.  Large Federal Government Institutions, National Health Insurance Companies and Major Banks trust Braille Works every day with their secure information.

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Benefits for Your Company

When you give Braille Works the privilege to serve your company, the benefits you will experience include:

  • Increased exposure to an underserved market
  • Optimized utilization of your company’s services by current vision impaired customers
  • Increased ancillary spending on additional services by vision impaired customers
  • Your organization will be adhering to the laws set forth by the United States Federal Government

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