Braille Menus and Large Print Menus for Restaurants

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Providing braille and large print menus to over 7,000 restaurants since 1994. From independent locations to national chains, we have an affordable solution for you. Let us show you how easy it is!

Improve Efficiency, Customer Service and Your Bottom Line.

  • Become Efficient: Braille menus and large print menus enable servers to save time because they won’t have to read menus aloud to visually impaired customers anymore.
  • Improve Customer Service: Giving patrons who are blind or visually impaired accessible menus will make them feel more comfortable in your restaurant. Happy customers = repeat customers.
  • Increase Your Bottom Line: The more people in the seats, the more money that goes toward your bottom line. Having your restaurant menus available in braille and large print will fill more seats & reduce your risk of having to defend a lawsuit for not complying with the ADA.

It’s No Fun Being Left Out of the Party. Make Room at Your Table for Reading Impaired Customers.

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    Providing braille and large print menus to Applebee's since 1994.

    "Supplying braille and large print menus to over 1,800 restaurants with differing menus is not the easiest task. With the excellent customer service provided by Braille Works, my job is much easier. I have worked with Braille Works since 1994 and they have proven to be the best in supplying braille and large print menus to our customers. I have never had a complaint on these menus, only glowing thanks. You can’t go wrong with Braille Works!"

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    Providing braille and large print menus to Red Lobster since 2002.

    "Working with Braille Works International, Inc., has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone who works there is so personable and professional, and the turn around on our braille menu print production is amazing. We continue to rely on them year after year, not only for their reliability, but their continued dedication to providing the best possible service; and their commitment to getting the job done right."


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    Providing braille and large print menus to Outback Steakhouse since 1996.


    "I have to admit, Braille Works is the easiest vendor to work with. You guys are delightful! Thank you a million times for the hard work and dedication. It is greatly appreciated."

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