Connecting Restaurants to the Blind Community [Transcript]

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Written Transcript [Connecting Restaurants to the Blind Community]

Date night, girl’s night, guy’s night- No matter who you are, we all love being included. And hey, if there’s food involved, that’s literally icing on the cake.

However, have you ever wondered what it’s like to go out to eat and order at a restaurant when you’re blind? Some restaurants are very considerate and have already thought of this. And if you work at a place like that, thank you for being socially responsible.

Think about this for a second. When someone who’s sighted reads a menu, they jump all over the place, usually guided by seventy-two kinds of beer and massive burgers with all kinds of crazy toppings. A braille menu has to take a different approach.

If all you did was dump all the text on that menu into a computer and then spit it out into a braille menu… You’d be asking your customers to read through a menu that’s almost as thick as a textbook or a dictionary, just to check out tonight’s specials.

At Braille Works, that’s just not good enough. We believe everyone should be included in the fun of going out and that means giving your customers with blindness or low vision a menu that actually helps them feel included like everyone else at the table.

That’s why we’ve set out to create menus that actually make sense. We’ve added useful tables of contents, headings, clear summaries, and formatting that the user would be grateful for. We know how important it is to invite everyone to the table.

If you want more restaurants to start thinking like this, please share this with them. And if you’re a restaurant manager looking to reach out to people in the blind community, give us a call and we’ll help you do it in ways that truly matter.

Or you can visit us online at and help make the world a more readable place.

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