Sarah Litchfield, Sales and Customer Relations

Image showing Sarah Litchfield, Braille Works Sales and Customer Relations

Sarah Litchfield supports Sales and Customer Relation Operations at Braille Works. Sarah joined Braille Works in 2012 and brought over 19 years of experience in the printing industry and advanced training in sales and marketing.

Sarah Litchfield holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and an Associate Degree in Interior Design. She attributes her consistent success to building customer loyalty with high standards that are innovative and forward-thinking.

Sarah works closely with Braille Works customers to provide proposals in a timely fashion and ensures documents arrive on time. Having technical know-how of Braille Works products which enables her to communicate ideas effectively to the team members involved in the project. Sarah also maintains effective communication and keeps the company’s clients up-to-date with any changes during the production time up to when it ships.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Sarah now resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband whom she married in 2000. Sarah has a passion for creativity, and in her spare time she enjoys painting, beading, sewing, and working on any new projects her husband dreams up such as putting in new car speakers or changing headlights!

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