Raising a Child who is Blind? Get Educated

Raising a Child who is Blind? Find Support, Get Educated, and Enjoy Your Child.

Learning that your child is blind or is going blind is not what you expected when you became new parents. Often there is a grieving process because of the unknown, there is resentment over the loss of normalcy and fear of how you will cope and raise your child. Know that you are not alone. There are resources and other parents on a similar path as you. Take heart in knowing that your child was created for a beautiful purpose and you are a part of his/her journey in life. Read more and find valuable resources on

About, a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with visual impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. You’ll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they’ve learned about playing with and teaching a blind child, as well as links to meaningful resources and ways to connect with other families.

About Braille Works

Braille Works is committed to Making The World A More Readable Place™ by providing alternative format solutions for your industry including Braille, Large Print, Audio and 508 Document Remediation Services- but we also deeply care about the visually impaired community. If you’re struggling with realities of raising a child who is blind and think we could help, please reach out to us! There are many resources like those available on Wonder Baby, that we can share with you, or even help to get you in contact with other organizations that can make this journey a little easier- so that you can experience the blessing that raising a child really is.

Toll-Free: 1-800-258-7544

Braille Works

Braille Works has been an industry leader in document accessibility since 1994. Over that time, Braille Works has helped numerous clients in various industries from healthcare to restaurants to government agencies reach more people by Making the World a More Readable Place™. The subject matter experts and content creators at Braille Works often work closely when crafting blogs and other educational materials. When the Braille Works name is attributed to a publication, it means Braille Works’ innovative team of experts collaborated on that piece.

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