Visual Independence- Accessible Documents for People Who Are Visually Impaired

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Everyone Values Visual Independence, Accessible Documents Help Get You There.

Independence is something that no one wants to give up. When someone faces vision loss, low vision or blindness it is a difficult time for all involved. However, it doesn’t need to be a loss of independence. Federal and State laws, created decades ago, have been strengthened and are being enforced. These laws were designed to make independence and equality a priority, for people with visual impairments and vision loss.

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Equality, for all persons, means that all materials available in print must be accessible in an alternative format and an accessible format. Here are some items that you can expect to be provided in an accessible format, that is an alternative to print:

What Can I Request in Alternative Formats?

• Utility Bills
• Bank and Financial Statements
• Insurance Documents and Policies
• Medicare and Medicaid Documents and records
• Medical Records
• Medical Forms
• Federal Programs: Social Security, Medicare, Department of Education, etc.
PDF Files (508 Compliance WCAG 2.0 AA)
• Federally funded programs

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Download Your Request Letter for Accessible Documents

Contact the companies you currently do business with and notify them that you are requesting your print documents in an alternative format that is accessible to you. Examples of accessible documents are: Braille, Large Print, Audio and 508 Compliant PDF‘s. If they are not currently providing this service, to their customers with visual impairments, we have a letter for your use that can serve as a gentle reminder of your rights as a consumer. [Download the request for accessible documents here]

Use the form attached to make your request. You deserve to maintain your independence and Braille Works is committed to “Making the World a More Readable Place™.” Become a self-advocate and request that the businesses you have been dealing with follow the laws designed and strengthened to help you maintain your independence.

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Businesses, take a proactive approach in assisting in the promotion of independence for millions of Americans requiring an alternative to print in an accessible format. Contact Braille Works today to learn how we can keep your business compliant with all Federal and State Regulations including: ADA, 504 compliance, and 508 compliance.

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