Federal Government Working to Increase Accessibility for Americans with Disabilities

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The DOJ and The Department of Civil Rights are working with States, local government and corporations to bring accessibility to all Americans with Disabilities

Braille Works applauds the many businesses, corporations and government entities that are giving American’s with disabilities their independence by providing documents in an accessible format. We are honored that for over 22-years many of these organizations have allowed to us to be the company of choice to provide accessibility to their clients.

Companies and organizations have an abundance of details to manage; why should providing Braille, large print and/or audio for their clients with visual disabilities be a priority?

Official Department of Justice seal with an American flag graphic above

Many laws have been created to address the rights of individuals with disabilities. Corporations and organizations are trusted to follow the laws in providing accommodations to ensure accessibility to for all Americans. Currently, adherences to these laws have been loosely monitored. However, as more discrepancies in adequate accommodations in accessibility are being discovered, the Department of Justice and the Department of Civil Rights are taking larger steps in ensuring compliance.

The Department of Civil Rights created Project Civil Access. This program was established to ensure that State and local governments are adhering to the federal laws, which mandate equal access and accessibility for persons with a disability.

In addition to weighing in on civil cases against private and public organizations the Department of Justice has worked with disability advocates to better enforce the laws, to provide accessibility for all Americans. The Department of Justice has become more proactive in their efforts to encourage corporations and organizations to fully comply with the federal laws that protect the rights of all Americans with disabilities.


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