Making an Educated Decision on the Medicare Plan that’s Right for You

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Medicare Open Enrollment is Coming

Do you have all of the necessary information to make an educated decision on the right Medicare Plan for you?

All Medicare Plans and information, including but not limited to: the cost of coverage, the type of coverage, and all conditions and guidelines, are required to be presented to the consumer in an accessible format that follows the Effective Communication Guidelines.  This means that consumers must receive all of the information, plans, and choices in the format that allows for independent comprehension of text.

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What formats are considered accessible for a person who is blind or a person with low vision?

An accessible format is one that a person with a visual disability can access independently to receive information.  This can be Braille (if they read Braille), large print, accessible PDF documents or audio documents.  Accessible communications must also be in the language the person uses for communication and comprehension.

What evidence or documentation must people provide in order to qualify to receive alternative documents in an accessible format?

A person with a disability does not need to supply any documentation or proof regarding his/her disability.  Per the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Primer, organizations must accommodate the request in order to be compliant with Federal and State laws.

How do you request accommodations under the Effective Communication Rule?

Contacting the organization is your first step in gaining accessible documents.  Should the company you contact not have a preferred accessible document provider please have them contact Braille Works using this form or direct at 1-800-258-7544.

What if I am denied an accessible format to review a Medicare Plan?

If you are denied an accessible format this could be a violation of your Civil Rights.  Please contact the Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights to file a formal complaint.

Braille Works is committed to working with businesses to become ADA compliant, to serve all people equally, within the guidelines of the law.  Braille Works has been “Making the World a More Readable Place™” for over 20-years; trust the professionals at Braille Works.

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