Call Ahead Before Heading Out With Your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

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Many restaurants, from casual dining to high-end dining, offer Braille and large print menus. Sometimes, it can take a bit of time for employees to locate these menus. And, nothing is worse than sitting at a table waiting to see what is on the menu. So, call ahead this Valentine’s Day and ask if the restaurant has Braille and large print menus.

Happy Valentine's Day from Braille Works displayed in print and Braille with candy hearts in the background

If they do have accessible menus, GREAT! Ask if they can have one ready for you when you arrive. Know that meeting the needs of all of their guests is a priority to this establishment. Most likely, they wouldn’t want you to wait to place your order and will appreciate the advanced notice.

If they do not have accessible menus, simply call another restaurant. There are plenty of dining choices and businesses that are ready, willing and able to meet the needs of all of their guests.

Show your appreciation for being able to dine independently with your sweetheart this Valentines Day and every day, by frequenting restaurants that offer accessible Braille and large print menus.

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