The Positive Effects of ADA Compliance in Banking and Finance

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First, don’t look at the federal ADA mandates as a burden. Look at them as an opportunity for business growth and increased profitability. Today, more people are experiencing vision deficits and related disabilities and they are more dependent on large print, audio, Braille, accessible websites and readable documents. Nationally, 5.6 million persons aged 18-44 report some form of visual impairment with corrective lenses and 1.3 million persons reported legal blindness.  Approximately 38 million Americans have a visual impairment or are blind. It has been predicted that in the United States, these numbers will raise to 75 million blind and 200 million visually impaired by the year 2020 (WHO, 2010).

Federal ADA laws open the door for the finance and banking industry. More clients can be reached; and this increases the customer/client base. Document accessibility across the board from marketing to financial statements not only enables all persons to be educated and involved in their finances, banking and investment choices, it also demonstrates a commitment to meeting the individual needs of each client. This commitment is exactly what all consumers are interested in receiving. ADA compliance in banking and finance help connect you to your customers in even greater ways.

While, federal laws require all business be in compliance with ADA laws often businesses do not take a proactive approach. This means that ADA standards are not made a priority of adherence until someone challenges a business or agency. Since, the ADA laws are enforceable businesses and agencies end up with negative attention and damaging headlines. However, many businesses take pride in their accessibility and have attracted positive attention. As a result most customers/clients (even those without a disability) have a positive feeling associated with the relationship they have with a business that is willfully compliant.

Braille Works International has been keeping financial and banking institutions in ADA compliance for over 20 years.  Braille Works understands that ADA compliance in banking is more than just a one size solution. Contact us today for an ADA Compliance Specialist to assist in your accessible document needs.

Tax and financial documents which should be made accessible for those with vision impairments.

Braille Works Banking and Financial Services

508 Document Compliance

For fast and Accurate ADA compliance in banking and finance documents, Braille Works offers 508 Remediation of Online Documents and is your solution for public-facing documents.  Learn More »


Custom Braille Transcription & Embossing – We make it easy. Transcribe materials in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.  Learn More »

Large Print

Fully Compliant Large Print Documents – Tested by those with visual impairments and developed for ease of reading.  Learn More »


Live Reader and Text-to-Speech (TTS) Audio Documents – making documents accessible for your Customers with Blindness or Low Vision.  Learn More »

Providing the Highest Compliance Standards for Accessibility

  • Data Security: PCI 2 compliant, ISO 27002 compliant, data encryption and 24/7 secure electronic file transfer.
  • Disaster Recovery: Agility recovery subscriber, Iron Mountain offsite data backup and continuity of operations plan.
  • Accessibility: Section 508 compliant, ADA compliant and BANA Standards.

Don’t miss out on clients because of not being accessible. We can help open the door to over 38 million Americans and more worldwide. Contact our Financial Services Team today to discuss your project or give us a call at 1-800-258-7544 anytime. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific marketing needs and the quality solutions we provide.

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